To tweet or not to tweet

I felt like tweeting again. It’s been awhile.  I kind of fell off the twitter radar mainly because it had started to become a really crowded neighborhood with too many billboards. But also because as a mom I’m so busy I’m lucky if I have time to brush my teeth let alone tweet.

Nonetheless, I had this hankering to tweet. I let out one measly little tweet and now I’m getting nothing but the failwhale. At one point I tried changing browsers (yeah, that makes sense) but I had forgotten my password. And now that I’ve done that it’s like I’m perpetually locked out. It won’t accept any of my new passwords. At one point I got to a captcha screen that said this:


Be Momma. BE a Mama. Nice one, twitter. Way to tell me how to live my life. Yeah, I know the babies are crying and they want their bottles but for once I’d like to write an actual blog post.

So I can’t get on twitter and now I’m not even sure if I want to. But you know that feeling – when you know you should be able to do something and for some reason you can’t, and it makes you want to tear down the walls? Yeah. That’s about how I feel right now.

Anyhow. Just wanted to let everyone in twitterland know I was thinking about them.  

*okay. Just went on flickr and it’s showing up in Spanish. One more sign from the Internet gods and I will throw out my computer and become a luddite.






2 responses to “To tweet or not to tweet”

  1. Beth Anderson Avatar
    Beth Anderson

    Oh this is rich. Now I’m seeing that posterous can access my twitter account even though I can’t (AND I changed my password like 65 times. )

  2. Phil Baumann Avatar
    Phil Baumann

    Hi Beth – be mama – that’s awesome.Here’s what Twitter has figured out about me –