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Some Ideas for a Healthcare Dashboard

AI version of a Healthcare Dashboard

When I’m at work, I sometimes think about having the perfect healthcare dashboard. I use EPIC at work, and for the most part it’s adequate. But the dashboard that I see each day when I open EPIC is not useful to me at all. I’m not able to easily customize it, and so I just click through to where I need to go. From a UX perspective, it’s a complete waste of space.

There’s also a “summary” page for each patient. A sort of patient dashboard. This is maybe 20% useful, but again, I can’t really customize it. Read more

Technology Tools for the Bedside Nurse

Creative commons image from flickr user Helge V. Keitel

Bedside nurses have one of the toughest jobs. So why do we get stuck with some of the crappiest technology? I recently had the opportunity to orient to a job on a med-surge floor. Having not worked in a hospital for the past 7 years, I was a little surprised at the lack of basic technologies afforded to nurses at this hospital. Read more

Documenting in the EHR in ALL CAPS

Documenting in the EHR in ALL CAPS

On the first day of my allscripts instruction, I was advised that when documenting in the EHR, I should always use all caps, in other words, to always type in capital letters. As someone who is trained in graphic design, this irked me! Capital letters should be used for a reason, not as a default. It also bothered me knowing that typing in all caps on the internet is an analog for shouting. Read more

The Retreat from (and return to) Blogging

I’ve been thinking about NotNurseRatched’s post about the state of nurses in social media. I’ve definitely retreated from social media for some of the reasons she describes (incivility, name-calling, pitchfork wielding), but the truth is that I want back in. I love blogging. How much sense does it make to give up something you love because of a little unpleasant conversation? Read more

The Original iPhone

Here is the original iPhone that I won in a contest.
Here is the original iPhone that I won in a contest.

Here’s picture of me and my new best friend, the iPhone. I won him in the contest sponsored by nursingjobs.org and nursingvoices.com. Oh, the joy that he brings! Now I can blog from the road (not that I actually ever go anywhere.) To be honest with you, the coolest thing about it is I can read nursing blogs while sitting on the floor “pretending” that I’m playing with Baby Ben. (Shhhh, don’t tell him – he hasn’t caught on yet.) As for Baby Ben, he likes me to use the iPhone to show him his Youtube videos.

Thank you, nursingjobs.org and nursingvoices.com!