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The Retreat from (and return to) Blogging

I’ve been thinking about NotNurseRatched’s post about the state of nurses in social media. I’ve definitely retreated from social media for some of the reasons she describes (incivility, name-calling, pitchfork wielding), but the truth is that I want back in. I love blogging. How much sense does it make to give up something you love because of a little unpleasant conversation? Read more

Blogging Under the Influence: How a glass of wine (or 2) can make you a better blogger.


(creative commons image courtesy of slack 12)

One of the great benefits of attending Blog World Expo 2008 was all of the great advice and inspiration I got that will help me to keep on blogging.

Hands down, my favorite blogging advice was dispensed by Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week:

Talk to your readers the way you would talk to your friends after 2 drinks.

This makes perfect sense to me, and here’s why:

What happens when you sit down with some friends and have a couple drinks?

You start to get that relaxed, warm fuzzy feeling.

You start to loosen your inhibitions.

Your enthusiasm starts to bubble up to the top and affects what you say.

As people who blog, we all have something to say. The question is, What’s the best way to say it? And how do we write a really good post without letting all of our little insecurities and doubts get in the way? And the answer is, blog like you’re buzzed!

I think the 2-drink rule is brilliant, and I’ve already started to implement it. And what’s more, Tim Ferriss actually wrote his entire book with that rule in mind. Did I mention that it’s a New York Times bestseller?

If 2 drinks are good, wouldn’t 3 or 4 or 5 drinks be even better?

Easy now, I don’t want to encourage any lush-like behavior. At three drinks you start to take that turn where warm and fuzzy becomes silly and sloppy, and bubbly enthusiasm can turn into incoherence and long-windedness. Which is fine if you’re at the bar, or a party, or even sitting at home watching House and tweeting – Goodness, who would do that? ; ) – It’s probably just not good for your blog.

And obviously the 2 drink rule would need to be adjusted to fit your weight and tolerance. If you weigh 98 pounds, a scant glass of sherry might do it for you, but if you’re > 200 pounds, you might be halfway into a six-pack before you start getting the warm fuzzies.

And remeber, we juSt pretending we had two drinks, right? Not like we drink so much we forgette how to type an spell. And maibee even fall off out of the chair wile we are blogging.


I see you later. guys,. Got t0 go take nAp.