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A Quiet (Loud) Voice in Nurse Blogging

I’ve been inconsistent about following nurse blogs lately. But last week the domain name for NurseRiver was up for renewal and I asked myself, is it really worth the money for the 4-5 people who visit it each week? I was leaning towards no, but then I came across Amanda Anderson’s post, “A Nurses Day Present: I Bought My Blog.”

It was this quote that got to me:

“Another year where our voice seems a small whistle in an otherwise deafening wind.”

I was disappointed that she didn’t get her nurses’ day google doodle, but I was really inspired by the fact that she felt her blog was worth investing in.

Then I went back to her blog today and realized she is really consistently doing some great writing! And that’s not happening that much these days in nurse blogging. In fact it’s tough to find good writing in any types of blogs lately. We’ve kind of devolved into this buzzfeed world of titillating headlines, fuzzy wuzzy animal pictures, and Take this Quiz to figure out which 90’s TV Character you are!

It’s kind of sad when you think about it.

I’m as guilty as anyone for lack of contributing. Unfortunately, nursing as a subject matter has become a little boring to me these days. But what isn’t boring to me is the idea of inspiring nurses (or anyone, for that matter) to write and publish in the form of a blog. It’s difficult to find the time, and sometimes you wonder if anyone is actually reading, but in the end I think it’s empowering. Having a blog means having a voice. Maybe you’ll publish 10 posts that are ignored by many, but your 11th post gets picked up by AJN: Off the Charts, and you get that little boost in traffic that keeps you going. Better yet, you write something that sparks a conversation.

If you aren’t blogging, but thinking about it, what’s stopping you? Is it the time factor? The feeling that no one reads blogs anymore? I am curious.

And if you’re wondering which 90’s TV character I would be, well isn’t it obvious?

Dana_Delaney_China Beach
Dana Delaney from China Beach

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  1. Nurse Ed says:

    Thank you for this post. I am new to blogging, but I have been a nurse for a while. I love the quote you posted. I agree there needs to be more stories shared.

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