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Memories of a Nursing School Weblog

I wrote this over on my fargo blog about a weblog I made in nursing school in 2004. It was basically the precursor to this blog.

I think my favorite part of the experience was this:

“I came across another professor showing the site to her class. “And look at this – you can click on the link and it shows you more information!!!” She seemed genuinely delighted to discover the concept of hyperlinks. And really – who wouldn’t be?”

It demonstrates how slow my nursing professors were to embrace new technologies. Bear in mind that this was the same professor who told us, “Don’t wear short socks to your clinicals! You’re not there to marry a doctor!” As if wearing short socks would render us completely unresistable to any medical personnel we came across. And you can imagine how well that went over with the men in my class. Come to think of it, she also told us not to use Listerine before our clinicals, because it would leave a strong ETOH odor on our breath, and people would think we’d been drinking.

At the time I remember wondering if I had made a huge mistake in choosing nursing. I mean this was the University of Maryland School of Nursing, for crying out loud, and here was a professor scolding us for wearing anklets instead of knee socks! It felt a lot like I was back in Catholic high school, when the nuns use to scold us for wearing earrings that were bigger than a quarter.

Oh, nursing school. I’m hoping things have changed a lot since then.