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Maternal Suckling Thing

Apparently there is a wee bit o’ controversy over veterinary techs commandeering the term “nurse.” A complaint was made to the New York State Board for Veterinary Medicine, claiming that “nurse” is a term that should be reserved only for those who care for humans.

I’m not surprised that someone would make this complaint. Many BSN programs will spend precious class time explaining that nurses have some issues with image and identity, and there is a movement to make sure that nursing is looked upon as a profession, rather than just a job.

On the other hand, if someone wants to refer to themselves as a “vet nurse” an “animal nurse,” I really could not care less. It was this post, however, found on a veterinary blog, that had me ROTFLMAO:

Though I’m insulted by this RN action, I have a hard time defending the word itself. “Nurse” is an anachronistic, misogynistic term. Veterinary technician or “vet tech” is a far more descriptive and doesn’t denote a maternal suckling thing that has no place in modern medicine. After all, human nurses are technical and scientific; no longer do they fluff pillows and soothe the soul through their womanly presence.

Yes! That’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to tell my patients when they ring the call bell and ask for my help:

“Please do not confuse me for a maternal suckling thing! I am a human nurse, technical and scientific; and I will no longer fluff your pillows and soothe your soul through my womanly presence! (I’ll bet the male nurses out there love that part.) Sorry, looks like you’ll just have to lay there with your unfluffed pillow, I’m off to do something scientific and technical.”

(Many thanks to Shreela for bringing this to my attention!)