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It’s Oh So Quiet


(photo taken by emdot)

It’s been a little quiet around here to say the least. I haven’t worked many shifts lately and so there’s not too much to write about. To tell you the truth I am thinking about shutting this here blog down and starting a new one in which I write about things other than nursing. As far as writing about nursing… I’m just not feeling it these days.

Ho hum. So anyway, here’s the latest version of Orientedx3.com. I’m happier with the look and color scheme. I do realize that when you scroll down the layout is seriously lopsided and I’m trying to think about how to fix that. I added a section at the top called “daily nurse” to post short blurbs about articles, blogs, or tweets that I think are interesting and nurse related.

In the interest of not leaving my readers completely unsatisfied I leave you this. The Laryngospasms are this completely adorable singing group made up of CRNAs. Also watch Breath, it will make you smile, I promise.