A “Former Nurse” isn’t a Nurse

Saw this headline show up on the “Twitter on Nurses” section of OX3:

Nurse Charged With Injecting Patients With Bleach

Basically, a former nurse, working at a DaVita Dialysis Center, injected two of her patients with bleach. Pretty horrific.

I’m wondering why Davita hired a “former” nurse to work in a dialysis center. Must be some reason she’s no longer a nurse. And why do the headlines have to say “NURSE charged with injecting patients with bleach,” when she’s no longer a nurse? It kind of makes me cringe.

A “former nurse” isn’t a nurse.

UPDATE: Thanks to Mental Father for leaving this link in the comments; it really clarifies some things:

Police: DaVita nurse injected 2 with bleach

Overall, this story is turning out to be pretty bizarre. There are some interesting comments in the Lufkin Daily News article regarding how dialysis nurses use a bleach solution to clean the equipment, and perhaps this is what the nurse ended up injecting into the patients by mistake. Either way, it is interesting that the patients survived.

Any dialysis nurses out there want to weigh in on this?