The Retreat from (and return to) Blogging

I’ve been thinking about NotNurseRatched’s post about the state of nurses in social media. I’ve definitely retreated from social media for some of the reasons she describes (incivility, name-calling, pitchfork wielding), but the truth is that I want back in. I love blogging. How much sense does it make to give up something you love because of a little unpleasant conversation? Read more

Nurses: Where are the Jobs?

This past year I was ready to go back to work after a long (too long!) hiatus. Sadly, after an extensive job search, I was not successful in finding a nursing job. But the good news is that I’m ready to share my 20/20 hindsight perspective! So where are all the jobs? Read more

The Opt Out Nurse Wants Back in

Back in August this NYT magazine article about the opt out moms wanting back in caught my attention and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. Basically, in the earlier part of the millenium, many successful women decided to opt out of their careers in order to raise children. Now that the economy has changed, they want their jobs back. The only problem is that when you leave the workforce for 5 years, it’s hard to get back into it. This scares me.
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Nurses: Let’s Talk #Vanderbilt

By now many of you have read about Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s new policy requiring nursing staff to perform janitorial tasks.

Many points have been raised including the possibility of cross contamination (scrub a toilet, administer IV meds – what could go wrong?) There’s also the illogical decision to eliminate lower paid employees and reassign their tasks to higher paid employees (staff retention, anyone?) But probably the worst aspect of it, as NotRatched points out, that lately nursing seems to be a dumping ground for extra tasks and responsibilities.
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Memories of a Nursing School Weblog

I wrote this over on my fargo blog about a weblog I made in nursing school in 2004. It was basically the precursor to this blog.

I think my favorite part of the experience was this:

“I came across another professor showing the site to her class. “And look at this – you can click on the link and it shows you more information!!!” She seemed genuinely delighted to discover the concept of hyperlinks. And really – who wouldn’t be?”

It demonstrates how slow my nursing professors were to embrace new technologies. Read more

Why I’ll Probably Quit Nursing

UPDATE: If you want to read my latest post on quitting nursing, it’s here. The bottom line? Don’t beat yourself up over your decision. And have a game plan before you quit.

There was an old post with this title that I wrote in 2008. For some reason google loves to serve it up when people type in “quit nursing.” That’s always weighed on me a little bit. As if people are looking for career advice and they could find it here on this blog. Read more

Nurses Need A River

In 2007 I had an idea to build an aggregator for nursing blogs. At the time I was using an RSS reader to subscribe to blogs, but I felt like there was a better way to keep up with the content. I started trying to build it with a php based RSS tool called Simple Pie. At the same time Guy Kawasaki was putting together Alltop and someone suggested I contact him about creating a nurse category. Read more

Can a Nurse be Introverted?

I recently read the book “Quiet” by Susan Cain. If you haven’t read the book but are interested in the whole introversion vs. extroversion personality type, I highly recommend it. I’m an introvert and I wish I could have read it 20 years ago, if only to make me feel more comfortable inside my introverted skin.

The book dispels the myth that introverts are these shy, meek people. Rather, they are simply people that thrive in situations that are quiet, solitary, and interruption free. On the other hand, extroverts tend to thrive in group settings, and are adept at handling the many types of interruptions and stimulation that are thrust upon them.

Interruptions? Group settings? Sounds like an extrovert would thrive at nursing. So where does that leave us introverts?

I came across this interesting thread on the topic. I found it interesting because although it predated the Cain book, a few of the nurses were very aware that introversion does not mean shyness, or a lack of confidence; rather it involves levels of social stimulation. Some suggested that ICU, OR, or even school nursing would be tolerable for introverts.

But all of these suggestions don’t take into account that just about any nurse job involves being around people most of the time, and constantly fielding interruptions. Both factors that make an introvert want to pull her hair out.

My advice to the nurse introvert? Go eat lunch by yourself. Find a quite corner somewhere. The chapel, perhaps. Or go outside if the weather permits. An hour of solitude can go along way in re-energizing you for the rest of the shift. But be prepared. Nurses tend to be act in a tribal way, so you may find yourself gingerly explaining that you want to be alone, and you don’t mean to be antisocial.

Also consider the night shift. I used to dread bouncing back and forth from AM to PM shifts, but sometimes the night shifts could be really quite peaceful, without all the interruptions that occur during the day.
In a perfect world we could all find careers that suit our every personality need. In this imperfect world, I believe an introverted nurse can be a happy nurse if he just takes the time to respect his introversion and give it the occasional solitude that it requires.

To tweet or not to tweet

I felt like tweeting again. It’s been awhile.  I kind of fell off the twitter radar mainly because it had started to become a really crowded neighborhood with too many billboards. But also because as a mom I’m so busy I’m lucky if I have time to brush my teeth let alone tweet.

Nonetheless, I had this hankering to tweet. I let out one measly little tweet and now I’m getting nothing but the failwhale. At one point I tried changing browsers (yeah, that makes sense) but I had forgotten my password. And now that I’ve done that it’s like I’m perpetually locked out. It won’t accept any of my new passwords. At one point I got to a captcha screen that said this:


Be Momma. BE a Mama. Nice one, twitter. Way to tell me how to live my life. Yeah, I know the babies are crying and they want their bottles but for once I’d like to write an actual blog post.

So I can’t get on twitter and now I’m not even sure if I want to. But you know that feeling – when you know you should be able to do something and for some reason you can’t, and it makes you want to tear down the walls? Yeah. That’s about how I feel right now.

Anyhow. Just wanted to let everyone in twitterland know I was thinking about them.  

*okay. Just went on flickr and it’s showing up in Spanish. One more sign from the Internet gods and I will throw out my computer and become a luddite.